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Does Alexa ranking matter?

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You will probably get different opinions when it comes to Alexa rankings.


From my perspective, I do not pay any attention to it for my sites anymore. That said, I do like to see it increasing. However, I have detailed stats of how many visitors I get and at the moment, for one of my sites the alexa ranking is over 600,000 and this sites gets over 15,000 unique visitors a month and when the site was only getting around 12,000 uniques it's ranking was under 250,000.


What matters to me now is the money that I have coming into the bank for the site and looking at my visitors analytics. Alexa ranking is just an educated guess (well a little more than that, but you get the idea) of how my site is doing visitor wise. I have the real information already by just looking at google analytics.


However, all that said, I do check Alexa rankings for competitor sites and for sites that I use for research purposes and I do use the ranking and links going into the site as a sort of gauge as to whether the site is an Authority site and whether it is worth my attention.


I wouldn't spend to much time Alexa ranking gazing if I where you, it is a bit of a fruitless task and it can drive you crazy. Focus on your real stats through google analytics or whatever program you use.


I have also read once that the rankings aren't really that accurate until you get under the 100,000 mark, but I don't know how true that is.


Hope that helps...

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Alexa rankings are not that important because its' accuracy is very suspect ... especially these days. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is:


1. The trending traffic coming in from the search engines.

2. The trending traffic coming in via external links.



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Hi all. I have noticed that every day my Alexa is decreasing. Can anyone tell me that Alexa ranking matter for our site.

I wouldn't agree with any statement that reduces Alexa to being irrelevant. Alexa ranks are not an entirely logical concept, and I'd rather the Internet community dismissed the service; notwithstanding, they certainly matter a great lot: they allow Internet services such as BuySellAds to evaluate your website's popularity; they add a thick layer of credibility to your website; and they increase the worth of your website to buyers.


If you would like to increase it, you could set it as your homepage. Also, change the settings of your browse so that when you open a new tab you are redirected to your homepage. There are extensions or add-ons for this on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome respectively.

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