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Hi all,


I'm in the process of making a site that allows users to sign up to join a community. I've been looking high and low for a script that will allow a user when signing up to choose a profile picture and enable them to be able to crop it was in fits in a profile picture border/template.


I've found a couple of links that touch on what i need but not one that i could use. For example, you know you facebook when you can edit your profile picture thumbnail you can drag in around until it fits. I'm looking for something similar but with the ability to be able to zoom in/out as well. The thing is though i don't want the pic to be uploaded to the server until it has been resized or cropped. The ones i've found save it first then mod it off the server bit i don't really want loads of massive photos uploaded tbh.


Any ideas? A point in the right direction, any advice, or better way to do what i'm trying to do would be great!





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I don't believe it is possible to have a script that allows a user to choose/crop an image without uploading it temporarily. How else will the server be able to display the chosen image out to the user so they can crop it?


However, just because the file is uploaded temporarily doesn't mean it can't be deleted by the script once the user is done with it. For example, it could upload a temporary image, save out a cropped version, and then delete the temporary image after.

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It's possible to do something like this using the W3C's new file api, but it would not be a trivial job, by any means. And in any case, you'd probably need to fall back to the more traditional solution for those with lesser browsers, if they were a significant part of your user base.


Here's some info on the new file api, in case you decide to follow it up:





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