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Hey guys :)


I have recently gotten Flash CS5, and since i have neither Fireworks or Photoshop, im using it for graphics and such, so this is the most recent template i have created, which uses an editted picture from google as part of the navbar background.


Im hoping for a lot of feedback on this site, on coding and graphics, as im still pretty new to coding, and i need all the help i can get since all i know about coding is through this sites forum and google :)


The link: http://theskatestore.net63.net/


By the way, the nav bar is coded, not created by flash :)


Thanks a lot,


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I like the skateboard, but not too fond of the background. The 'plank' on top reminds me too much of the graphics of the 90s, and the pinstripe in the rest of the body looks like a 'force match'. Keep in mind, so, that thinks like that are just personal, and thus very subjective, opinions


However, your positioning is off - I'm viewing in FX with a width of 1280 and only :"The Skate Store" is centered, everything else is too far to the right. Plus, the navigation is too wide, I see 'Contact" under the "Home". And your footer is squashed to the upper right.

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Andrea, im not sure how the positioning is off, as i have coded the width as a percentage, and i have put it in the code:

margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;


As for the plank, if i had time, i should of spent longer trying to find a better picture, as i was hoping it would have a more dynamic appearance, but i will take it into consideration :)




Coollew, I just checked on all browsers and it seems fine, im not sure if i accidentally fixed it in updating it, it would be great if you could recheck?


I seem to of made the same mistake twice and coded for Opera, and forgotten to check the others... i need a better routine :L



Thanks for the advice :)

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What are you after - to have the top part (title and navigation) and it's background run the entire width (whatever that is) and the content part centered, or can the tiled and nav (including its plank) be limited to the #website division?

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