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Google Chrome is blazing fast!


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I finally decided to try Google Chrome on the Mac ... and I have to say, it is much faster than Firefox. I even found Flash runs better in Chrome.


.. Using Chrome 9.057




when I get my MAC (a few months down the line yet) I think I will have to try it.


You have got me curious as to whether it is quicker on my normal XP computer.


I will give this ago.

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I remember the days when Firefox was extremely fast but now it seems to slow down a bit and probably because of all the plugins that one my require. Additionally, security could be another reason.


I noticed the same thing. Chrome is just so much quicker ... Firefox seems like the middle ground between ultra fast Chrome and IE.



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Far be it from me to contradict somebody much more knowledgeable than i, but with all due respect, it is my belief that there is no such thing as a "faster browser". Granted that some may be configured to load images faster, some to surf between links faster, but finally it boils down to the bandwidth allotted by your ISP. All this hype about chrome is just that, hype. Also i would like to add that firefox is the most complete browser that is available in my opinion, and linux distro developers aren't nuts when most of them choose it as the default browser.

Please don't ban me! ^_^

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Please don't ban me!


Not today!




Browsers do have impact on speed in terms of the speed of their page rendering and with regards to the javascript engines.


Remember, when a web page is loaded, it is loaded into memory first and then processed by the browser - the processing time varies from web browser engine to engine.


With regards to Javascript, the effect that the engine might have is even bigger: Google in fact, put a lot of time into optimizing Chrome's Javascript processing to make Javascript based UI's more feasible.


... My experience with Java and the JVM (the Java engine) is experience enough to know that code interpreters, do have a huge impact with regards to speed. Over time, the JVM was made faster and faster ... Java went from clunky and painfully slow to something close to acceptable!




All that said, just load a page with IE7, FF and then Chrome - I think you will see a difference.



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"Not today"? You are scaring me now.. :lol:


Be that as it may, i had a brief stint with chrome and i found that it wouldn't remember passwords, moreover the difference in speed wasn't so noticeable, what with my poor 600 kbps bandwidth. And i still stand by my statement that firefox, with it's add-ons and customization possibilities is a much more complete browser than any other. But to each his own, so with more uneducated prejudice i will bet that soon, firefox will have overcome these "javascript processing" defects that make chrome even a viable alternative.

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