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Trouble with Testing Server Connection


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I am trying to learn how to make database driven web sites. I am starting off right in the beginning and have reached everything up to creating a Recordset(Query)


When I go to define the connection, I type in tjdesigndb for the Connection Name and type the following for the connection string


"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;data source=(ftp location to server which I have setup)"


When I run a test it comes back saying that the URL is wrong although I have tried atleast 10 different variations of the URL, and the information under Testing Server corresponds to what I put in above. Still can't connect and was looking for some brainstorming.


I need to get passed this step in order to continue on with the tutorial I am trying to use.



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I have Dreamweaver CS3 but am following the tutorial for Dreamweaver 8 because I have the book. But I dont think the version would have any effect in this area


My sites I deal with, including my own, are hosted at bravenet.com there FTP information is




and thats it, so I include that into the connection string but it still fails.

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are you sure you have access to a database with your bravenet hosting? More specifically, to the same kind of database that you are calling in your connection string? If you have free hosting with them, you don't have any access to a database. If you have paid access, it looks like you have access to a MySQL database.


I don't know a huge amount about Microsoft Jet. It seems like it is a database engine that allows access to a database... I'm not sure if it requires Windows hosting or not (it appears that Bravenet does not offer Windows hosting) Someone else may know more than I do. However, it is does seem to be old technology -- one disadvantage of using an old book.




As I said above, I don't think this is something we can help with. You will need to contact Bravenet and see what the settings are, and/or if the support Microsoft Jet.

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That may be the issue. Bravent supports MySQL (I have a paid 5 year membership) but the database I am calling is an Access Database that I made myself.


Although I did not include the database name in the connection string because I didnt think I needed to. I will try that when I get home, as well as look for an updated version of that tutorial.



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