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No Fluff, please


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This forum is here to help people with their web projects. Questions get asked and, if we can at all, answered. Sometimes, the exchanges get more personal, which is also fine - after all, many of us have known each other for years; we are a friendly bunch, and we always welcome new members and friends.




This forum does NOT benefit from fluff posts. Examples:


- Great info.

- Great post.

- Thanks for the info. (when the question was asked by someone else)

- Useful Information.

-- etc. -


... you get the point.


These posts are usually made my new(er) members and generally end with a link to their site or at least the name of their enterprise, strongly suggesting there are made only for the latter purpose and to increase someone's post count. For one, most of the stuff here is 'great info' and if everybody who read it left their 'great info' post, every thread would have hundreds of posts like that and nobody would ever be able to find the actual info again, for two, we don't like spam here, and those 'signed' fluff posts are nothing more than that - and will be deleted.


No need to thank me - and I already know this is great info :rolleyes:

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This has been a public service announcement. Proudly sponsored by LSW Industrie's patented LSW Soap Box. It will raise you above the common for more authority as well as being multitasking capable as a blugion to silence those you who disagree. Order yours in the next 10 sec. and we will send you the book "I thought Alaska belonged to the US, when did Palin buy it?"




P.S. This post is a Gem. I would have been more sarcastic myself, but could not agree more darling.

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