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Total beginner - where to start?


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I've got as far as getting a domain name.. what do I do next if I want a simple website to show a few pics and booking details for a holiday rental?


I'm not after detailed instructions - just a place to look for how to get started in setting up a website.





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This is a tad late, but you could download a template, and look through different parts to see what different things do...


Thats how i learnt the slightly more advanced stuff, and how i learnt some better setups too.



I do suggest that you spend quite a while getting to grips with HTML, and making sure you understand it all, then go onto CSS(external CSS is much easier to edit and looks better).



After you can use CSS easily, PHP would be your last step, which i am currently on. I had to go back to HTML at first, as i hadn't covered forms, which are a major part of quite a few PHP scripts.



But this is coming from a 15 year old boy, so i would follow guides online if your not certain about my methods :D

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As they said, some html, basic css, then you can jump directly onto free layouts from here where they also happen to explained 'step-by-step'; www.maxdesign.com.au/articles/css-layouts/, then comes the most difficult part, Javascript with which i am still struggling, and PHP for server side stuff. This is only an opinion based on my very recently acquired, and ever so meager experience.


On the other hand if you have no intention of becoming a full fledged web designer and only want to set up this one web page, then by all means begin with the free layouts, after understanding the basic concepts of html and css, of course.


Edit: I forgot to mention, after you have finished with the css tutorials here and get down to making your first page, you will save yourself a lot of grief if you have a look at this first:


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