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Kyle Undefined

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Good job, I like the Jquery dropdowns, just a few comments:


If find the colour scheme a little harsh and not very easy to read, light on dark never is especially for us older users, and the yellow is very bright.

In Firefox on Mac the Save to Evernote is aligned to the right and pushes the icon down. Also the icons are very dark and barely visible. I have 2 screens at different brightness levels to account for the differences between Mac and PC, on the PC side I had to up the brightness to even see them.

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One quick point -- the "IT'S" in your tagline should be "ITS" (no apostrophe). At the moment, that reads "PERFECTION AT IT IS FINEST"


In addition to Lynn's comment above about the icons being dark, I find the long list of "share" items a bit distracting from the actual content on the page. You might consider either showing less items, perhaps hiding them by default and having users click on a button to have them appear (similar to what your main content does) or using something like http://www.addthis.com/.


Also, maybe your "Welcome" text could be displayed by default? (and, frankly, I'd suggest that it should be significantly shorter.) I also think that the content within the "Welcome" section is more suited to the "About" section, since it talks about you, and perhaps the current content within "About" should go into a new section called "About this site"?

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Hi Kyle,

I just clicked your social media links as I wasn't familiar with all of them. Your twitter link is presenting with


"'url' parameter does not contain a valid URL."

Cool looking site though, and interesting to read of your background in programming.

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