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Script doesnt run until its Clicked

Guest Magicry

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Guest Magicry

Hello all and thank you in advance.


My problem is me, i have very little knowledge of website design and have given it a go.


i have created a javascript on my website which fades in and out photos, it works fine accept that it doesnt start immediatley, the rest of the page will load and the photos remain blank untill you either scroll or click the page.


can any1 help me?


the website is here so you can see for yourself.


PS also having Fluidity problems so any help is appreciated.


Many thanks

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Your script runs fine to me. But it's running only after all images have loaded. Did you see your "Loading" bar?




This line makes your fade thing run when the page has "loaded". So that means it waits for all the images and all other stuff to be fully loaded until it runs.

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