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Hi There Folks


After almost a year in struggling with Joomla CMS, the only part that was confusing for me was the MENU part. But after months of frustration, I finally got it right. Thankfully I have had 3 new clients in one month for CMS websites.

I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to go back to Dreamweaver and HTML website designing again. Its far too time consuming. I enjoy what I do and Joomla CMS will make it even more fun.


I have one problem though. I recently converted my own website from HTML to CMS. I had the webhost assist me in fixing the nitty gritty and getting my site to appear correctly online. I did however notice that all my pages points to the write URL except for the home page (DEFAULT). How and where do I go to change the URL setting for this page.


Appreciate any assistance!



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