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CSS Layout videos use XHTML DocType? Not what Stef recommended...

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I've been through a series of videos now here on HTML/CSS and am now starting to watch the CSS Layouts series (nicely done, btw). My question has to do with DocType selection. Stef made a big deal about NOT using the XHTML doctype in his earlier videos, and gave his compelling reasons why not to. And even though they were earlier videos, it's not like they were 10 years ago. He stated words to the effect that going forward, HTML Strict should remain the DocType one should use. But now I see in the CSS Layouts videos that the DocType being used is XHTML Transitional in the DreamWeaver presentation.


As a beginner, I don't have a dog in the fight. But I would have thought that this is something philosophy-wise that Stef would have insisted on by other tutorial authors on his website. At the least, it's confusing to me as a beginner. Now, I know there will no doubt be people here who think that HTML Strict or XHTML Transitional is best, but I want the advice or at least usage to be consistent across the University website.



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