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wordpress navigation problem

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Hi , i have this issue, i am biulding a wordpress site and lets say i have two pages. Products for category A and the second page called Products for category B . The first page is the index.php of wp. In the second page i run a second loop to load the products for this particular category.


So, when i am in the second page and click the read more link for a product it shows the complete post. (single.php) But navigation bar shows that i am in the first page which is the default page as i said.


The question is how can i make the nav bar be highlighted the second page when i read one of the second page's product post?


I hope you understand what i am trying to tell

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Well , that's not the issue. Let's see, when you view a post (single.php) the .current_page_item class is assigned to the page that i chose to be the blog page. Is there any way that when i view a post's full article from the second page, which is not the blog page, the.current_page_item class couldbe assigned to the second page?..



See my site to understand what i mean.



and go to the tutorial page and view a post to see what's happening to the nav bar.

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Sorry, can't help with that. I just checked on the WP site I'm currently working on, and when I go to a blog page, I don't have a current page marker at all - which I guess is better than one on the wrong page. However, I have no idea what causes one or the other.

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Thank you Andrea.


The only trick i came up is by using jquery.


i check the category that the post belongs and if it is in the second page i use jquery to remove the class .current_page_item from the blog page and add it to the econd page. It does the trick although it has a little lag until the page is full loaded...

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