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My latest web project

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I'm just finishing up my latest website. With every new project, I like to challenge my self more than the last. I used textures and tools used in my client's businsess to create the graphics. Everything validates except my conact page. It uses a flash contact forum. I'm working on the SEO stuff right now.


ww w.arjaysup holstery.co m


Thanks for your input.

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Here's my 2 cents:


Slow loading - at least on my comp just now, it took a bit before all the images filled in. I do like the graphics and overall look of the site - it fits the topic very well.


I clicked around a bit, got to the blog page, but clicking 'home' didn't get me there. When I click 'home, I expect to get to the index page. Even using the back button never got me all the way back home.


Not enough contract between the crene link color on the 'leather' to read really well. It's not horrible, but could be improved - maybe try to just bold it and see if that helps.


But overall, I do like the look of things.

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Thanks for you input. I fought with the load time. I used pngs mostly. I like how they layer, but I did convert some to gifs. I optimized them best I could without loosing the quality. I was able to reduce them quite a bit from the originals. I don't think there is much more I can do with them. As far as the blog home button, I forgot that it was set to default going back to the blog index page and not the main site. I want to learn to build my own wordpress blogs next, so I have total control. I'm stuck with using the templates, and modifying them to match the site. I'll start watching Stefan's videos. I went back and forth with the text colors and link colors. I tried making the text bold, but it overflowed to much in Firefox. Do you have any suggestions on different colors?



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I don't know where or how some of you guys come up with these design ideas using real objects, but it looks great! However, some of your text is overlapping other text; some of your text needs more contrast; and some of your text needs a more readable font.

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