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throughout my web design projects I find it slightly confusing to as how many browsers I should try to test on (is there a fixed list of browsers that need to be supporting)


I found an assignment proposal on the web (open universities) where it advices students that their work should renders the same at the following browsers:


Chrome 2.x

Firefox 3.x

IE 7.x / 8.x (nothing mentioned about IE6) - but I normaly try and include IE6 BUT not below

Opera 9.x

Safari 3.x / 4.x



is there any other browsers that i MUST test my work on (for every project)


also would I really need to test on real browsers or would screenshot web services be enough, plus how important is it to test on different operating systems


thanks a lot

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I personally test on:


-- most recent version of Chrome

-- most recent version of Safari

-- most recent version of Firefox

-- IE6-8 (usually I just make sure that the site is usable in IE6, not necessarily pixel perfect)


In general, I trust that if it works in Firefox, it should work fine in Safari/Chrome/Opera. Opera is a bit iffy, since it seems to have its quirks, but the market share is low enough that I don't worry about it too much.


I would suggest testing on real browsers if possible. If you have browser issues, a screenshot may not help you that much. IE7-8 (and I'm assuming 9 as well) has the web developer's toolbar (like Firebug, except not quite as useful/functional) that can help a little. It depends on the project, but I do test on both Mac and PC.

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At work, I build the client sites using IE8 since that's what most of our clients use. Then I test in Firefox and get those issues worked out. When I get to Chrome, it usually looks like it should with a tweak here and there. After those three, I test Safari and Opera which hardly never need any changes. If you want to see how your site will look on different browsers and OS's, use this link, I use it at work. https://browserlab.adobe.com/en-us/index.html

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