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Hi Everyone,


I have found a free no ad webhost ( it doesn't have a web editor in the cpanel)& i did register a free domain name but the problem is that i need a free web editor software. I like blue fish but after downloading it all & trying to start it i get an error message saying that the file dds.ldd2 or something like that is missing & can't start blue fish to fix the problem try downloading it again so i do it & i get the same problem??? How can i fix this?? or what is a better web editor so that i can start building my website???



My hosting is summerhost.info = I can't find the index.htm page so that i can start editing it. But here's the thing im using to how you would build a website on angelfire. I have built one on there.


Ive already started to set up all the sub-domains for my website & all. But need a web editor to do the actual html codes & everything. Im kinda new to the vista cpanel vs that angelfire uses!


Plus how do i link the the sub-domain on to the index or the main page in vista cpanel???



Creative One

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I agree that using NetBeans made my life millions of times easier. (Especially hooking up XDEBUG properly.) But it sounds like using something a little more user-friendly like Dreamweaver would be beneficial for your needs.


If you start getting into a decent sized project with lots of code (PHP or alike) then I would consider NetBeans. For your HTML / CSS etc, Dreamweaver would work better.


I checked out summerhost.info to, looks pretty sweet for a free webhost. I wouldnt consider any of their paid hosting packages, but but I liked what they offered as free services.

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