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Uploading large MYSQL databases to PHPmyAdmin

Guest atmmultimedia

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Guest atmmultimedia

Hello there,


I've been creating wordpress sites locally and the databases exceed over 2.4MB. I'd like to know how you can upload and connect a large MYSQL databse to PHPmyadmin. What happens is on a hosting account if you upload a database thats over 2.5mb it will timeout.


Any help would be great.



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Even though the database size might be 2.4MB, the generated SQL Dump shouldn't be the same size.


If you're using "MYSQL Admin" then you can export the whole database as a text *.sql file which will have the table structure + data which can be dumped into another MySQL database. You can do this by the "Backup" option of the MySQL Admin program.


If you're using PHPMyAdmin to export your data then you want the "Export" tab when you're not browsing any tables (i.e just after you've selected your database), highlight all the tables you want to export, then select the SQL option.



If you're saying the generated *.sql file is 2.4MB then you can most likely just split this file into 2-3 chunks by splitting the file between different CREATE TABLE or INSERT INTO statements then importing them 1 by 1.

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