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From the mouth of the users [May 2008]


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It is my hope to find and place articles here that will give you an idea of how those with disabilities "see" and use the web site. So here is the first and I hope to have more to follow.



  • AssistiveWare offers videos of some of the most extreme uses of assistive technologies. Mike, who suffers spinal muscular atrophy plays many video games including first person shooters using a Mac. A woman with ALS controlling her computer with a switch taped to her cheek. A woman with cerebral palsy who uses her computer to do graphic design work. These videos are well worth watching.
  • Blind Computing - How do we do it? - Cathy Anne, Created a YouTube Video to show how Screen Readers work. 6 min.
  • Web Accessibility - through the "eyes" of a screen reader - YouTube video highlighting the importance of Skip Links descriptive links rather than "click here". 3 min.
  • - YouTube video of a brief by Jeff Bingham of Washington Sate University. This is technically a brief to Google employees about a project for a faux screen reader they have developed. It is long, but the beginning at least has some very good info and statistics for the first half.


If these people can do these things... imagine what they can do with a simple accessible web site.


After seeing these... I really do not want to here developers saying that accessibility is to hard and not enough people benefit from it.

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