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possible Flash Of Unstyled Content


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I have implemented an image fader using jQuery but on first load, you briefly see the 4 images load on top of each other.


i have tried to hide the images with regular javascript rather than wait until document ready but i can't track down how to solve this. can i actually get rid of this?


if u need the url to see, i completely understand and i can send it to u but not on a forum post.


i know i might have been vague but i think it's almost certainly a common problem :P



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Hide them using CSS: display:none


Then show the first one when ur ready to show it using javascript


That is probably the best idea.


It seems that your images are being loaded before the Javascript is processed .... remember that the web still loads and processes from the top of the page down. So a sequence/placement change might solve your problem.


Again though, I would do as suggested above; just load the images into a hidden div and then just reset the div's display property as the first action in the script.



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