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i have an online form in php to send in html and i need to change it, to send as a xml file please help.




include_once "connect.php";


include_once "../functions.php";




if (!$compid) {


header("Location: login.php");


exit("Not logged in");






$ids = array();


$rs = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM leads WHERE origQuotes>$minOrigQuotes AND origQuotes>fetchedQuotes") or die(mysql_error());


while (list($id) = mysql_fetch_array($rs)) {


if (!empty($_REQUEST["cb$id"])) {


$ids[] = $id;






if (count($ids)) {


$ids = "(id=".implode(" OR id=", $ids).")";


$rs = mysql_query("SELECT leftLeads FROM companies WHERE id=$compid") or die(mysql_error());


list($limit) = mysql_fetch_array($rs);










include "header.php";




$rs = mysql_query("SELECT email FROM companies WHERE id=$compid") or die(mysql_error());


list($compEmail) = mysql_fetch_array($rs);




$rs = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM leads WHERE $ids LIMIT $limit");






while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($rs)) {


for ($x = 0; $x < mysql_num_fields($rs); $x++) {


$a=mysql_fetch_field($rs, $x);


${$a->name} = trim(stripslashes($row[$x]));






$MSG = "Name = $firstName $lastName<br>";


$MSG .= "Home Phone = $homePhone<br>";


$MSG .= "Work Phone = $workPhone<br>";


$MSG .= "Email = $email<br>";


$MSG .= "Move Date = ".date("m/d/Y", $Move_Date)."<br>";

$MSG .= "Move Size = $Move_Size<br>";

$MSG .= "From City = $From_City<br>";


$MSG .= "From State = $From_State<br>";

$MSG .= "From Zip = $From_Zip<br>";

$MSG .= "To City = $To_City<br>";


$MSG .= "To State = $To_State<br>";


$MSG .= "To Zip = $To_Zip<br>";


$MSG .= "Contact Preference = $contactPref<br>";


$MSG .= "Contact Time = $contactTime<br>";


$MSG .= "Comments = ".nl2br($comment)."<br>";




$MSG = "<div>$MSG</div>";


$headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0\n";


$headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\n";


$headers .= "From: Movers Community <info@moverscommunity.com>\n";


$subject = "Lead From Movers Community";




$st = mail($compEmail, $subject, $MSG, $headers);


echo ($st) ? "Lead #$id sent.<br>" : "Lead #$id couldn't be sent.<br>";




if ($st) {




mysql_query("UPDATE companies SET leftLeads=leftLeads-1, totalLeadsUsed=totalLeadsUsed+1 WHERE id=$compid") or die(mysql_error());




//echo "$MSG<BR><BR><BR>";




//header('location: thanks.php');








echo "<br><br><center><big><b>";


echo "<span style='color:red'>$ok</span> leads were sent to $compEmail<br>";


echo "</b></big></center>";




include "footer.php";



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