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help needed pls


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hi. I'm trying to build my site and i need a script for a form /calculator

it's a simple thing for someone who knows java...not 4 me...

here is what it has to do:

length : editable

width : editable


color: check box

monochrom: check box



basically it multiplies first two to find out the square cm's and than depending on the 3rd (that the user selects) calculates the final price "color" has one price "monochrom" has a diferit price the trick is that if the result from the first two is smaller than 100 square centimeters than it ads 50 to the total


pls help and sorry for my english...

i would appreciate any type of help.

thx in advance .

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How far have you gotten so far? Have you at least gotten the form itself and all of the form inputs/labels in place? That's the first place I would start.


i found 2 scripts so far, one that has check box and calculates only by checking one or multiple boxes (uses external .js) and the other one does the multiplication between the 2 values, uses input type "text" but it has a button for the function "do math"


the problem appears when i try to combine them...

pret.html this is the .js ...i had to change it to .html cause the forum would not let me upload it otherwise

script.html this is the file that uses the .js on top

calculator.html and this is the square cm calculator


what i was trying to do is, erase the top part from "script.html" and replace the check boxes with this input type text

and than make the radio buttons multiplie the result from the first two (witch can vary) with the value from each radio button (witch it's fixed)


if anyone can help me with this i would appreciate


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