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Expand/Collapse script issue


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I've been trying to learn how to show and hide a block of text on a webpage.

I know this may seem like a similar post on this topic but what I'm looking to do is emulate what I found on a Microsoft MSDN site.


I want to learn how to click on an anchor/link and change the image from [+] to [-].


I can hide the text but swaping the image doesn't work. Just get no image at all.


Here's the link to page that I'm referring to. Just scroll down a bit on the right frame and you'll find the "[-]Expand All" link:



I usually try to view source to learn how something works but MS sites have too much code behind the scenes.


If you know of a link that has something like this then just reply with that. I just wanted to learn how to do it.




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See the ASPX at the end of the URL? They are doing that with ASP controls built into the .NET framework. Really easy when you are using that.


I don't use JS, so I will leave it to others.


But let me say, make sure the default position of the links is rolled out and the JS hides them. A lot of user agents do not support JS, So the nav is hidden from them. If the nav is open and hidden with JS, if JS is not there... they can still use the site. Far to many open it with JS and lock such users out.

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