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Killersites videos download speed


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I've just been looking at one of Stefan's PHP videos and the download speed was slow (there is a warning on the page); it was between 80 and 240kbps.


I then tested my speed with Numion and the download speed was 4382kbps.


I then tried one of my own videos up on one of my sites and it downloaded at 6500kbps; I tried again on Opera where it couldn't be in cache and it again downloaded at 6500kbps according to Netlimiter.


Is the download speed built into the killersites video? The slow speed does mean that there are pauses when the display catches the download which gives time to think about what the video has been teaching, but it is a bit slow.


I then tried to repeat the video thinking that it would have been cached, but it started another slow download. Am I missing something? How can it be stored to view at a faster speed later?


It's occurred to me that my video only has one or two hops to me from my hosting service in UK but the killersites videos must have about 30 hops from USA to UK but the difference is much more than I expected.

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I did a tracert on www.killersites.com and it showed 14 hops and 94ms UK to USA

My own website showed 7 hops and 22ms all UK

Numion in Netherlands for the speed test from UK was 9 hops and 25ms


It was the UK business day but before the US business day so I'm surprised it was so much slower than from my own website.


Numion shows the speed to/from its server of 4392kbps but it also does a simulated world-wide internet route downloading lots of icons from different countries which showed average 146kbps, but downloading your tutorial was coming in at 80 to 240kbps so I suppose it was achieving the same as Numion's average for outside UK.

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