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using show/hide behaviours


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I want to hover over one area of text (div = id recipeKit ) and to reveal an area of text in a different area of the page (ie second div called recipe selection). Using show and hide on mouse over and mouse out this works fine. The snag I notice is that I would like to include a hyperlink in the second div but as I move the mouse towards the block of information I trigger mouse out and the div hides again. What is my best way to achieve this. It is similar to a menu situation with about five items each with text associated but not adjacent and each div has different colours and so on. Any ideas?

Thanks Judy

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Hmmm ...I haven't looked at the Dreamweaver behaviors in a while. In the end though, it is just basic Javascript.


I would look into the code and see if you can remove the mouseOut call. Another option is to remove all the behaviors on the elements and to reapply them, one by one. That sometimes fixes things.


Not to beat a dead horse, this is another classic example where learning a little web programming can go a long way to make a web designers life much easier. In short, learn PHP and learn Javascript.



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Hi Stefan

Thanks for suggestion re mouse out. I redid all the behaviours while I was a bit more alert this morning and now have everything working fine. It was a case of 'muddled thinking' by me - easy when you know how! Yes shall try and learn a bit more about php etc as you suggest.

Thanks again for your reply


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