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Cognitive disorders or just the new reality?


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[Note: For those who have not followed the subject, I recently wrote a pair of articles, "Understanding and the Cognitive Disorder " and "From the inside: Depression & the Cognitive Disorder."]


We are all just human and we do what humans do, one of those things is to get so involved in things that we loose site of the larger picture. Accessibility advocates are no different and from time to time we have to be reminded that accessibility is not just about disabled persons, accessibility is about everyone.


I recently posted a thread about my above linked depression article over at Accessify forum where it was well taken. A member going by the name of "atu" posted some links on the subject of concentration loss and distraction in modern society. This is not directly related to web design exactly, but the articles are quite interesting and make you think and that is what web design is all about.


If in fact the "Web" is dumbing people down, then it is something we need to take into consideration in our designs. I would like to say we need to fight this new reality. But truth be told we are part of the problem, we build the sites that cause these issues and our customers pay us to do just that. So help fight it where you can, but before it can be fixed it must be recognized and these articles may be to early to truly prove a problem, but they certainly are a dire warning and worth reading. As usual, we must be aware of what is happening to our users.


Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr


The Autumn of the Multitaskers by Walter Kirn


Stoooopid .... why the Google generation isn?t as smart as it thinks by Bryan Appleyard


Does IM Make U Dum? by Martha Brockenbrough (one of my all time favorites from a few years ago)

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