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Starting big project


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Ok so here it goes. Im looking to add the my account web page to my website http://www.legendofdrizzt.com. Here is what i want to do with the my account page.


1. Add a login system and register system for people's accounts.


2. Once in there my account page. I want to integrate word-press or a similar software. So that they can post anything they want. Ex: in a way like Facebook i guess. I want that to be live so that it updates itself changing with peoples friends post.



3. I want to add a private messaging system, as well as a friends list, I also want to add something like face-book's live private chat. So people can talk amongst themselves.




4. I want to give them the ability to upload there own images and videos for everyone else to see. Ex: like Facebook kind of.


5. Later down the road i want to integrate their post's on legendofdrizzt.com with twitter and Facebook possibly.


6. I want to add privacy controls. EX: block annoying people form seeing your account, keep details private if they so wish. And so on.




So i guess im looking for someone to help me code a lot of this and also someone who can guide me in the planning of this project and we can work hand in hand with each other for this project.




If anyone is interested send me a private message or just post here i guess.









Cody Perry

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You might be better off seeing if you can find a PHP based Facebook clone script of some sort, and modify it to meet your needs. This sounds like a huge, time-consuming project with no real payoff besides experience.


Also, you could do a majority of this functionality with forum software -- PHPBB or what this forum users, Invision Power Boards. Might be another thing to consider.

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