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More ram for MySQL means more speed for the forum.


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We just doubled the ram on the server from 2gig to 4gig. With all this extra ram, I decided to allocate a bunch to MySQL ... specifically:


- innodb_buffer_pool_size from: 128M to 250M

- query_cache_size from: 32M (only!) to 512M


You can do this in the file: /etc/my.cnf


You will need to be the server admin to do this of course, so if you are on shared hosting, you would have to ask your providers.


... We here at killersites have our own dedicated servers.


Let me know if you notice a speedier forum or not.





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Loving the speed so far! But I miss the "Active Topics" link that used to be in the top right bread crumb. I can still view 'unread posts', but the "View Active Topics" link is gone now.


I'm working on minor improvements here and there to the theme. I did add an "Active Topics" item in the main navigation (top left below the KillerSites logo) so you can still access that page.

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