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I need some help setting up an online signup for an ambulance service membership. Until now, we have been taking membership information along with credit cards through a form secured with SSL, then manually inputting the credit cards at the office. We have a merchant account and payment gateway (authorize.net). I've tried using Zen Cart for the membership purchase, but I need to collect more information from the customer than just billing information, i.e. family member names, birth dates, insurance information, etc. I have a good base in html/css, but that's the extent of my knowledge.


Ideally, I'd like to just use a form, store the membership information until the transaction is complete, then have that information with the confirmed payment emailed to be put into the membership database. Any other suggestions would be great!



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I suggest using Drupal CMS for your project


you can use the Ubercart module and build a nice ecomm site which will handle memberships and payments. Ubercart has payment gateway interfaces so is quite nice.


It will be a steep learning curve though.


I am available for paid consultancy if you need a hand

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