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Can you help me trouble shoot this please?

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Can you help me trouble shoot this please? http://tinyurl.com/35kk33s


Thanks for looking! My problem is if I put the google search bar above the little red house that says "Virtual Tour" the house looses it's mouseover sound. You can check any other page to hear and see how it should perform. If I put the search under the house the sound returns. I've narrowed it down to the search div (this is where the search box is put in by google) called <div id="cse">. If I remove this div the sound returns. I'm guessing the google search is inputing more JS into that div that is conflicting somehow. So... do you know of anything I can try? I'll even be willing to do a CSS trick to fake it. Though that gets complicated.


There are two pieces of JS at the bottom of the page that initiates the sound and some inline js in the image. I've moved these around but doesn't help. I understand it's hard (if not near impossible) to test this so just throw ideas at me and I'll test them. Thanks!

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Cool mobile theme!


Thanks Ben I'll try that. I already quickly tried it the other way (positioning the house AP). The search results need to stay in flow because they are painted below the search box. I don't know how that would play out. I'll test and report back.

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Cool - this was an easy fix. I forgot, the js on this sound mouseover thing adds a flash something or other to the first div on the page. It was adding it to the search div instead of my other and for some reason that was causing a problem. Placing another empty div above it fixes it! Thanks!

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