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How to start learning


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Hi all!


As a new comer and very much fond of web designing, please help me about what i should do to learn this firstly and how !

However i always make dream to be a great web developer. So im very serious about it.

can any body help me to make my dream come true !



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Good places to start. You'll also want to decide what type of editor you will use to develop sites. For example do you want to start with the complicated HTML, a WYSIWIG program or Template CSS type program?


Personally for beginners I'd start with either Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage as it will teach you the basics and you can pick up HTML code as you go. I prefer to use Joomla now that I started with the above as this is CSS and uses templates that you can configure and change. It's my preference because i make a lot of sites, about 3 a week and it's fast and efficient.


But having a background in basic design is good if you are serious about wanting to get into web development.

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Thanks to response.I'm very interested in web designing but there are a little source from where i can learn around me, for this i chosen the online to get help. i always asked my near persons who are renowned as web developer, various queries regarding web designing , they answered me "web designing is very difficult ".However i get slow connection in web here, but i'm undermined to be a great web designer . Now i'ld like to ask that is it so difficult to acquire my target that would need 4 to 5 years as people said me?

i will be grateful to if any body will share his/her experiences .


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As with most things, getting started isn't that difficult. Just start with the basics -- HTML and CSS. However, like anything, getting good at it will take time and a lot of practice. Web design has a lot of different aspects (design, usability, accessibility, browser issues, HTML, CSS, Javascript, server side languages like PHP, etc etc), so while you may getting started isn't that bad, becoming an expert who knows a bit of everything may take a couple years. You really just have to start and see if you like it.

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Falkencreative's answer is excellent! The basics of web development is NOT difficult.


I learned to make a basic web-site in about a month using the Killer-Sites tutorials that he mentioned earlier.


He is also very correct in that to DESIGN a GOOD website takes experience and talent rather than just study. Web design is basically simple, but to learn to be "good" at it may take time.


Good luck!



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  • 2 weeks later...


i am trying to learn the different web language like html, css, java script ctc. But the problems

is i forget what i learn just after a couple days , specially i forget one which is learnt by me

while i learn the new one.Also the sequence of what should i learn one after another is unknown to

me . So please direct me to pass the problems .

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When I first started martial arts back in the day, my teacher used to say, ".. if you want to learn how to fight, you have to go out there and fight."


The easiest way to learn web design, is to build websites.


.. So start building!




PS: get my videos too!





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Thanks to all for giving me the hearty response.However i heard from many who said there is

a good relation between the web design and the graphics . According to their comments ,graphic

is a part and parcel 0f the web design. is it true? I know very little about photoshop but it is

clear to me that graphic has a huge area.So for better web designing what types of graphic

software should i know?

waiting for the hearty response.


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It depends all that you want to be as a web designer/web developer. You could do just the front end stuff, html and CSS. Or the backend things like MySQL and php. Personally for me i am great with graphics and pretty much know html and CSS inside and out to the point where i can just flow through design and use it to get the results i want. Im teaching myself PHP MySQL and then javascript now. Since i know html and CSS plus im taking a class this fall on xhtml, fireworks ect through college. But anyway, It depends on what you want to do. But listen to everyone here and start with html and CSS as the basics and work your way up from there.



Hope this helps some.









Cody Perry

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Hi Stefan. I am newbie here and I see the site you've posted. And I am so thankful that you've share it. I learn a lot from it. It answers my question. Can I ask you If ever I cannot find the answers of my question? I hope so. I want to learn a lot in web designing.

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Damn Alfie, you beat me to it ... I was gonna simply say that you should practice like mad, build as many little sites, mini apps, small sections of pages as you can and ASK QUESTIONS. I remember when I was learning to be a magician and got told in a lecture once that A stupid question is an un-asked question. (This was a reply when I said something out-loud like: "hold up ... where did that come from? Sorry, wait, that's a stupid question")


Basically, you just need to practice lots and really take advantage of the friendly people out there on forum sites 9such as this one :D) who are here literally to help help help and share their experience


All the best with it, keep at it and keep us updated with how it goes and stuff




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