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This just took me a few minutes to track down so I thought I'd post it. <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/customIcon.png"/>


Basically, on the iPhone when you bookmark a site to the home screen (not the bookmarks section) by default iPhone will take a little screen shot of the website and use that as the little app icon (now on your home page). Some sites have a custom image that takes the screen shots place. No that I know, I'm going to add that to my site.


...I have the iPhone 4! Antenna issues aside, it is the most amazing piece of machinery ever made. I'm in the a star trek episode every time I use it.

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Nice Eric. How many iPhone users are there now? My guess is that the number is growing at a good rate that it may become a standard for some web developers and/or businesses.


I don't know how many there are but likely many as it's been the phone to beat 4 years running. Happy 4th!

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