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Disability does not mean permanent


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Usually when people speak of disabilities and web accessibility, they talk of permanent problems surfing. This is not always the case.


About a year ago a member here had his PC die. For a while he was stuck surfing the web with his Wii. It was a wake up call and he said he would pay more attention to accessibility. It was temporary and bad from what he said.


Another example is myself. Not a speed typer, I am typing with one finger. It is raining here on packed snow, I slipped and broke my collar bone last night. So one arm is strapped to my chest and hurts like the devil, leaving me one finger and hand to type with. Luckily it was my left shoulder, so I can use the mouse still.


See, accessibility is not just about a minor group, it is about everyone and you can loose you PC or break a bone... what will you do then if most sites are inaccessible? Just do what you can and hope that others do the same.

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