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What is some good verbiage to use when you do not have time for a client at the moment.


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My question is about having to delay work with a new/prospective client because you are busy on another project(s). What is a good way of informing them about the wait, but still keeping their interest. Sometimes I may be a month or more away from being able to start.



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It's very rare that clients will provide you with all the necessary materials in a timely manner which is why you should have 2-4 jobs going at the same time.


With that said, you can accept the client and begin work spending just enough time to show some progress to the client. Chances are that you will hit a breaking point during the process in which you require something from the client to provide the info for you to proceed to next step. It could take several days for the client to respond to your request.


So odds are is that you will need to have several projects going so you will not have any down time. More importantly, little or no gap in your income.


Whenever you hit an issue about getting a certain material(s) or info from a client, make note of it and then apply it to your contract verbage for the next client. Clients need to understand that they are just as responsible as you are to meet the deadline. If they don't do their part then how can they expect you to meet their deadline?

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There has been an influx of productive resource requirements resulting the incorporation of necessary delays in the direction of services. Please be assured that you are a highly valued customer and your needs will be directly addressed as soon as possible. Thank you again your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated along with your trust and business with this company.



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One quick question though, when you use all caps does that not give the general impression that you are yelling at the reader?


Absolutely - but after the many typos and misspellings you have in your post, I wanted to be totally sure you'd hear me :D


....and I see it worked - they're fixed :clap:

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