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WordPress and SEO

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Recently we were advised that having our site designed in WordPress would make it more 'Google Friendly' and help it appear higher in search results - I'm begining to question this - any comments?


Whilst I understand somethings about SEO it remains largely a mystery and I would really like to find a firm or individual(s) who are good at SEO and have total integrity. We have had very poor outcomes in the past from trying various 'people' and I've become very sceptical.


It would be marvellous if anyone here could recommend someone, having had very good experience(s) themselves or know others who have had good results. Can anyone advise please? I don't know if this site allows PM's but if so, that might be the best (most discreet) way to answer my second question?

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My take on this:


By itself, Wordpress may or may not influence your search engine rankings. Just using a particular piece of software doesn't usually change things. However, Wordpress does make it easier in a variety of ways:

-- makes it easy for you to add/update content (and fresh, useful content will help SEO)

-- allows you to customize your URL structure so that you can place keywords within the URL

-- gives you the ability (with the addition of a plugin I believe) to edit the title/meta tags for each page

-- potentially makes it easy for search engines to spider your website and find all the pages within it


Ultimately, SEO really comes down to providing fresh, quality, useful content to visitors. The search engines goal is to provide its visitors with the most accurate results for their questions, so your focus should be how best to answer these visitor's questions. If search engines think you have the most relevant answers, you'll be ranked higher.

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I do not found any special design software or coding program that can give a site good SEO value. SE optimization depends as follow:

Getting first page on MAJOR search engine depends on website's importance and total amount of back links. But back links should be relevant with anchor text link. You need to increase your site's importance in the eye of search engine spider. By adding keywords in site's title, meta description and meta keyword you can do this. If you increase home page's keywords density it will be a plus point. Also set up some web2 dir like blog in your site to make a tie with the keywords for SE optimization.

However you also need to do the following for TOP-10 ranking plus good trafic:

1. Adding url to search engine

2. Directory Submission

3. Article and press-relies Submission

4. Building link with "anchor text" in forum by giving threat and reply

5. Building link with "anchor text" in Blog by giving post and comment.

6. Social bookmarking.

7. Social networking and comment post.

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