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Hey to all! As the title says i want to build an online store. What cms do you suggest?? Is the wordpress plugin a good one? i mean secure and payment method. I was told about osCommerse but i couldn't find any documentation.. Anyway i need some help here :lol:


Thank you in advance!

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WP has a shopping cart plugin. However, it may not be ideal for a comprehensive store. You need to decide if you want something that can handle all types of transaction, gateways, unlimited categories/sub-categories/products or maybe even some kind of bookkeeping synchronization tool to allow you to export your data to software like QuickBooks. Most importantly, simplicity is the key. Secondly, able to customize the source code.


OsCommerce is what you are referring to. You had a typo (oscommerse).


Top 8 OS Shopping Cart. This list is about 2 years old but it's a start.


Keep in mind that no two shopping cart software are the same. Each has it own pros and cons. So you will have to thoroughly examine each one. Of course there are few here that will provide you some good feedback based on their experiences.

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