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Dreamweaver Error in Live View

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I have looked around for the answer to this question and found some information, however, I cannot seem to find the correct plugin by name, and some of the info seemed to have a lot more steps than what should be necessary to stop the error.


Whenever I click 'Live View' in DWCS4 I get the warning 'The Flash Plugin was not found. To view Flash content in Live View install the Netscape/Firefox Flash Plugin from Adobe.'


I don't use Netscape or FireFox on the computer that I have DWCS4 loaded on so I'm not sure why should I have to update the plugin in the first place. However, to try and stop seeing the error all the time, on a few occasions I have gone to the Adobe website and could not find a driver that specifically says 'Netscape/Firefox Flash Plugin'. Does anyone know for sure which plugin to download? Or is there a way to tell DWCS4 to stop telling about it?




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When I click on the Flash Player link under "Firefox/Safari/Opera" it brings up the webpage to download "Adobe Flash Player version" Windows, Internet Explorer. It seems like the webpage is checking to see what browser I am using, which is IE. Either that or their link is going to the wrong webpage. This is what I ran into before when I went searching for the plugin. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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The first link is page not found. I am going to put Firefox on a different computer than the one that DW is loaded on. I keep one computer fairly free of experimenting around with different browsers. The website updates keep steadily coming and I don't want to have any problem issues on the production computer. I think I will just live with the message, but thank you for your time and input!

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