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New site - please review

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Hello everyone,


This is a new website I'm working on. It's almost finished, so I wanted to post it here to see what changes or improvements could be made before it goes officialy online. It's in English and Spanish, (but the English translation still needs lots of corrections)


It's a Website for a famous Venezuelan Horn Player, specialized both in Baroque and Modern French Horn. His idea was to show both worlds, old and modern of this instrument.


I designed and programmed everything except the gallery and some JS effects. Also, the Intro page is the artist's idea.

I tried to validate as much as possible.


The link:

w ww.j oelarias.com


Thank you very much,



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Font/background colors are poor in contrast making it hard to read the content. Footer links/content is hard to read as well. I also think that the font size should be at least 1px larger.


Biography page: give a bit more padding/spacing between the content and the image on the right. It's too tight.


Contact page: Style the 'Submit' and 'Reset' buttons to match the site's design.


Otherwise, the site is nice.

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The contact form would look better in the centre it is too far to the right, change to this


fieldset {

margin:0 12px 0 0;

padding:0 0 10px 10px;



The line separating discography does the same thing add margin:0 12px 0 0; to .discos

and the background image does not extend all the way down.

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overall - very nice. A couple things I notice:


The main intro page - the image is pretty dark


There could be a little more padding added to the main navigation links (pretty close together)


- Just my 2 cents worth

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