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Please help me with sliders !Urgent!

Guest DElward01

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Guest DElward01

Hi all


I'm working on project which involves developing a re-creation of an existing site.


I'm almost done and I've hit a big road-block that I cannot for the life of me figure out.


I need a slider of change a value of a payment.


The slider needs to go from 0 > 500, but it needs to go in 50's not 1,2,3,4,5 etc.


and the display needs to be above the slider and needs to permanently display not appear and disappear.


so above is what I need.


This is how far I've got .. when I move the slider the display appears and stays when finished .. I done this by removing the call-out finish function. but it's not visible until you make a change which I need to fix. and also it needs to move from 0 > 500 in 50's like I said above i.e. 0 > 50 > 100 > 150 ect ect


This may be quite simple .. but I don't have any JavaScript knowledge which is the main problem.


This is very urgent .. if anyone can help me in anyway I'd be extremely grateful!






EDIT: I also need a way to make it start in a certain position .. i.e. one page it needs to be set at ?100 to start .. and the other page needs to be set at ?200 . Thanks again

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