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Positioning of elements

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Could somebody help me on this please?


I am creating a website for my college project.

I am using both Dreamweaver and Visual Web Developer.

I created the web page in my laptop and it was working fine.

But when i tried it in my Desktop all the positioning of tables,drop down menus etc are wayward.

My main problem was the horizontal scroll bar but that was ok once I resized my background image.Then I tried changing

all my positioning style to 'relative' but still some problem persists.Should I run some javascript according to the

computer resolution or something? And my laptop resolution is 1280*800 while that of Desktop is 1024*768.

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It would help to see code.


If you design a website for a specific resolution, then clearly, things will look different when viewed with other resolutions. If they are bigger, you just end up with more space around, but if they are smaller, you'll get the scroll bar. What many webdesigners do, is create a layout in a width that accommodates the most common resolutions, and allow the background to fill whatever is left.


For most layout choices, no positioning style needs to be declared - when designed properly, things tend to fall in place. Also, tables are not meant to be used for layout - but without seeing what you have, I'm only assuming - maybe you are using them as intended - for tabular data.

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