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Sorry, I just checked it quickly with Firefox. IE8 works too, btw, so it must be an IE7 (and probably prior) problem. I found this post that might help: http://www.bernzilla.com/item.php?id=762 - at least trying the HTML strict doctype is a quick and easy experiment to see if that works. That's the ideal doctype to use, anyway.

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Thank you! I was able to make that change and the webpage validates - however it did not solve the problem.

The hover text not turning into a link does seem to be a problem only on older versions of IE.

Is there anything i can code in like "if your using IE7 or earlier, do this"??

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You can target just IE6 with conditional comments: http://www.quirksmode.org/css/condcom.html You could use a conditional comment to add a stylesheet that will only show up in IE, or if added to the <body> of the file, add code that will only show up in IE6.


When I check the link you provided in IE6, it seems like the popups link correctly when clicked on, just that the cursor doesn't change to a hand when hovered over (indicating a link) it changes to a vertical bar (which indicates to the visitor they can select the type). Perhaps adding:


#map li a:hover span { cursor:pointer; }

Would fix that in IE6?

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