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I want to start a career as a Front End Developer asap - should I go through the following modules below?

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Hi Stef.

So I'm focusing on becoming a front end web dev and I'm aware its primarily the languages below.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS

Ques: Should I go through the following modules below? or should I complete all the modules mention below (1-12) and only then start building websites/web apps?

  1. Beginners Python 3
  2. Python Career Paths
  3. PHP 7 Foundations
  4. PHP and MySQL
  5. Form Validation with PHP and Javascript
  6. CRUD with PHP and MySQLi
  7. PHP Tag Cloud
  8. Simple PHP Login System
  9. PHP Login with OOP and MVC
  10. PHP Cart with PayPal, OOP & MVC
  11. Build A Content Management System
  12. WordPress Themes from Scratch


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