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Installed WAMP and created new database: what's the username/password?


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Following the advice in this thread, I've installed WAMP on my computer. I'm doing it so I can work with Wordpress locally. I believe all is ready to go. I've created a new database, but I'm confused on how to determine the username and password for that database. I need that info for the config file for Wordpress.


So, how do I figure out what they are? I created the database by clicking on the WAMP icon in my icon tray (near the clock) and choosing phpMyAdmin. I filled in my new database name and clicked Create.

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Yeah, it's a MySQL database. You are awesome! :D I was trying root as both the user and pass just because that's what I saw on this tutorial.


Using root as the username and nothing for the password works! Thanks, Tim!!! :cool:


ETA: Wow, WP 2.7 is totally different!

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