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The site is pretty cool, I love the whole tech vibes going on very futuristic I LOVE IT!

There are a few things I notice that I believe can be slightly improved on.

  1. Spacing between section
    • I noticed spacing between some sections was bigger than others, I think your website will gain more attention if each section was given its own spacing enough so that it the user can focus on just that section. 
      • For example your services and projects sections can use a little more spacing between them and your reviews and about me section could be closer together. 
    • Also the spacing from the sides of the page, I noticed how on the very top of the page there is some good spacing for the intro but when you continue on to the next section they are not aligned with the same spacing. If you align them it will give it more structure.
  2. Image Resolution
    • Just image resolution to be a little higher if possible and if not maybe it can be you can use canvas and some javascript to add some tech animations on top.
  3. Font size consistency
    • A rule of thumb you want to keep your font sizes consistent with the entire website. So if your h1 is a font side 20px and font weight of bold then keep that consistent unless you have an article section which in this case you can benefit from changing the font and using h1 to make the code understandable from the coding aspect.
    • A little line-height spacing can help with readability.
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