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DreamWeaver and others?

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Think I have gone down this path before...


I am thinking about giving in and buying Photoshop - would Dreamweaver be a good investment as well?


I always work directly with the code, so I am looking for something that offers some CSS completion, code organization, etc. I have been using Netbeans for the past 6 months or so, it works pretty well for CSS, but not amazing. Any recommendations for open source alternatives to Dreamweaver, or should I go ahead and buy it?

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I've been using Dreamweaver since it first came out a long, long time ago.


I never use the wysiwyg features and work with the code editor all the time. But once in a while I will quickly lay out a form or table with the point-n-click tools.


Besides that, it has the built FTP and basic site management tools. I would watch some of my free videos to get a better idea and I would try the free demo for 30 days before shelling out the cash.


The link to my Dreamweaver CS4 videos.


I hope that helps,



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I use Microsoft Expression Web. I never use the wysiwyg editor either...only the code view. It offers everything you mentioned. It's not open source, but it's less expensive than Dreamweaver. If you decide to purchase, be sure to check out pricegrabber.com.


Have you seen HTML Kit? It's open source.

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I think this depends on the features you need. For my use, I hardly ever use the WYSIWYG features, and I prefer to use jquery (compared to Dreamweaver's Spry library) and handcode most things rather than letting the program do that for me. I have Dreamweaver, but I stick to Coda (Mac - $80ish) and Notepad++ (Windows - Free). That said, I have been doing more PHP programming recently and for that I may switch to Aptana or something similar for its PHP specific features. Unless there are specific features you need, Dreamweaver seems pretty expensive when looking at the alternatives.

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