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web business domain?

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Hey all, I was wondering if the domain name for a web design business needed to be a .com or would one of the other extensions be fine (.us, .net, .org, .us.com)?


Since It is going to be a business, I was thinking that a .com would be preferable...

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.com domains have traditionally been the preferred domain extension, but these days it is of little importance.


The one exception MAY BE that Google will consider country specific domain extensions (.ca, .us etc) with regards to search engine rankings by country.


... Though Google does do geo targeting (when it comes to search results), there is no way to know for sure, if and by how much Google weights country specific extensions in search results.



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Just thought that the recognizably factor of a .com domain might help (ie: when someone things of a domain, they automatically think .com)?

Yes and no. Most people click-through to get to sites these days.


That said, when I have the choice, I do go for .com's first.



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If I were you, I would go with the .com. I've heard this from a lot of well respected SEO guys and in my own experience, .nets have been more difficult to get ranked in Google.


Sounds like your .net name is the one you prefer, but if the .com has the same keyword in it somewhere, I think that would be better (as far as getting ranked in Google is concerned). Hope this helps.

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