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Wanted - Soholaunch feedback


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I have been asked to take over updating of a website belonging to a friend. It is their business site, but the person who did the original work pretty much abandoned it. The site itself is pretty basic information about their small business, no flash, shopping cart or boards or anything beyond my own meager talents. But the site is hosted with free domain registration for life (as long as you pay your bill each month). And the development was done with their promotional free software and templates... Soholaunch.


So what is Soholaunch like? I have tried to find some reviews, and didn't get much.

I did find something funny ... on a webhost's forum, someone asked for help with Soholaunch Pro .. and was told by a webhost rep to

The best idea is to post a ticket to the Support Team to check it out.


Without access to your account there is not much we can do over the forum.




Why have a Forum for your customers if you don't use it to help?



Anyways, has anyone used Soholaunch and is it worth learning just for some occasional and minor updates for which I likely won't get paid..?

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Never seen Soholaunch, but it's probably similar to Godaddy's Website at night. It's a wysiwyg editor and won't allow any work in the code directly. The best way to tell how good it is would be look at the code and to validate a website that was built with it. However, I am really confused by this statement:

But the site is hosted with free domain registration for life (as long as you pay your bill each month).
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The hosting service offers free domain registration, which they will renew automatically as long as you have your account in good standing. Since they register the domain name, they own it and it is non-transferable unless you choose to buy it from them.


Thanks for suggesting a validation. I looked at the code, saw it was messy and stopped there. Only 67 errors and 7 warnings for a HTML 4.01 Transitional page ... that's not too scary is it???


I suppose that answers the question about the worth of Soholaunch.

I think I'll suggest my friend contact a professional ....

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Sounds a little a win win situation for them, a domain name is only about $10 a year, I bet their hosting charge largely covers that. But then you don't even own the domain name and have to buy it back, that's really OTT. I would steer way clear of that and so should your friend.

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The monthly fee is pretty cheap and I'm sure it does cover the cost.

If you are a real paranoid like me, you'd see something interesting. They register and own the domain name. They assert that should you choose to leave their hosting and take the name, you can buy it out but the cost isn't specified. That would be fine if you have a small site that isn't an e-business. But they offer all the goodies like PHP, bulletin boards, shopping carts, secure services, etc. Suppose your site and business grow, and 5 years from now you have a large business that needs to get its own servers ... then they set the buy-out price for the domain name. Want to bet it is as much as the traffic will bear plus 10%? they have all the traffic stats, the SEO and ranking info ... to them it's an investment. Invest in 10,000 penny stocks and maybe 10 will become valuable properties .. that they own .. lock, stock and BB. And if you don't buy it, they'll sell it to someone else.


My friend can't stay clear. The site has been hosted for over a year. They'll just have to cross that bridge later. Me, I own both my domain names.

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