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photoshop versus gimp


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Hey all,


For the last year+ I have been using Gimp for the designing of my web images. I do have an older version of PhotoShop. Is it going to hold me back by using Gimp (ie: is PhotoShop easier to use)?


I was assuming since Gimp is open source that using a newer version of Gimp would have more features than an older version of Photoshop?

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I've used both... I didn't mind GIMP, but found that its interface/palette system wasn't quite as user friendly as Photoshop's. I last used GIMP a couple years ago though, so maybe things have changed since then.


I think it's a personal preference thing. If you're comfortable with GIMP, there's really no reason to switch, unless there's some specific feature that Photoshop has that GIMP doesn't. That said, if you look for a job in the web design field (rather than working for yourself) that requires knowledge of graphics editing software, I'd say 95% of job postings will ask for Photoshop.

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If you come from working in photoshop, you get the feeling that Gimp has a lot less functionality, which it don't it's just hard to find as it's not in the positions you are looking at.


Install the gimpshot plugin to get your gimp to looks and feel like photoshop. As the only obstacle I see is the getting used to time by switching from PS to Gimp.

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When it comes to web design and creating web graphics, Photoshop is probably overkill for most of us.


Photoshop is a powerhouse that is used in all types of graphic work (print, photography, 3d etc ..) and so it has a lot of features that we humble web designer will not use. I think the point made that prospective employers will be looking for photoshop skills in their web designers, has some merit.


... That said, if you learn to use the Gimp you will be able to jump into Photoshop very quickly and so I don't see a problem in using the Gimp for web graphics work.



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