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Good evening, I am trying to insert pictures as buttons. Everything works fine in firefox and Safari but in IE nothing.

The following is the code.

.star {

margin: 0;

padding: 0;



.star li {

margin: 0;

padding: 2px 0 2px 20px;

list-style: none;

background: url(http://www.ultimateskincare.org.uk/mulberry/images/ul.jpg)no-repeat left;


and the following is the list code

Organic toner refines pores, promotes smooth, clear skin. Alcohol-free and non-drying.

Balances and gently hydrates all skin types promoting skin radiance and suppleness.


Oil-free formula suitable for use as moisturiser for oily skin and daily treatment for blemishes.

Calms and soothes inflamed, damaged and aggrevated skin and suitable for all dry, mature skins and dry skin conditions such as eczema.

Enhances the effectiveness of other products such as moisturisers and serums allowing better absorption.

Natural opulent fragrance instantly calms the mind creating peace and stillness.



Any help?

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Quick comment off the top of my head... In this line:




what happens in IE if you add a space between the ")" and the "no-repeat" statement? That may fix it.

It certainly does. So is the rule never a space before a ) but always a space after. I had a problem with an id earlier because of a space. Thanks very much for your help.

Kindest regards


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It certainly does. So is the rule never a space before a ) but always a space after.


I would think it's because you need spaces to separate values, and "no-repeat" is one value, and "url(filename-url)" is another. The leading "url" is not separate to the contents of the parentheses because it's all part of the same value.

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