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I have a website that has had a decent amount of traffic over the last month that I've had it up. Out of about 200 visitors, 58 visitors have visited my free trial page, however I have only had about 5 people actually sign up. Does anyone have any input as to how I can improve the sign up rate? Your help is greatly appreciated.


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- Limit the amount of input they have to do e.g. is your sign up form nice and short?

- Prevent the visitor from getting distracted - remove the navigation

- make sure what you want them to do is clear

- adjust your copy (to make it sound more enticing)

- state what?s in it for them

- try different headlines

- add comments from people who have already signed up

- you could try and use video (video could be a demo of you?re free trial


There are loads more you could try but give those a go and be sure to monitor the performance

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