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how do make this a index pg?


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I was trying to make this "click to enter" the index page.



But for some reason it won't change. I had changed the name to index but it still shows the original index page which i was changing to b the home page. (I really hope this makes sense). Right now, I put it back to saying enter until I can get this thing figured out.


Can anyone help, please?


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To make anything be the index page, it must be named index.htm, index.html, or index.php . What is the name of the page that shows as the index now?


Edit to add: Give your "enter" page the name index.html and give the page that is now currently index.html a new, different name.

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It sounds more like the new upload hasn't happened yet - because when I enter enter.html I still see what should be index.shtml - and under index.shtml, the original index page still comes up.


Also, if you create a 'splash' page, you may want to change all the links to "Home" to go to your (once it works) former index page, not to index.shtml so people don't have to 're-enter' every time they go 'home'.

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