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Guest sharer09

When I make my text file on notepad then try and save it as an html and open it through my computer again I cannot change the html code, it just pops up in a browser window as the output how do I make it so I can go back into the code and change stuff? When I save it as html and not as txt it just opens in an internet browser as the output of my code but then how do I get to my source code to change it?


Also same thing happens when I download an html file off the internet it won't give me the actual code how do I fix this?


Thank you

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An HTML file needs to be saved as .html or .htm - not as txt.


You cannot change anything that shows up in your browser. To make changes to your html code. you need to open the file in notepad again, change what you want, save - and then you'll see the change in your browser (after a refresh).


If you open whatever file you download from the internet with notepad, you'll see the code and can make changes.

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What Andrea is saying is that you can't double-click on an HTML file to open it in Notepad, as Windows opens .htm & .html files in a browser as a default setting. The same way it opens .doc in Word, not in Notepad even though both are essentially text editors.

From Explorer, you could right-click and say Open With ... then select Notepad.

Or as Andrea said, start Notepad first and then Open, pick the folder, then select All Files to display the .html files, then click the file you want to open.


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I'd recommend using Notepad++, it just makes things easier.

Also, when u save a file in notepad, you're better off typing "name.html" including the quotes.

If you install notepad++, you can simply right click on your html file and select "Edit with Notepad++".


Alternatively, open notepad and drag your html file icon into the window to open it.

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